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Juicy Fruit is a SATIVA that was first created by the legendary Sensi Seeds team. This strain made a splash in the 90s and early 2000s coast to coast, and is making an epic comeback in British Columbia! Amongst all the exotic craft cannabis available in Canada, Juicy Fruit still retains its’ fabled status because of its’ sought-after and enduring lineage. As a cross between two landraces, an Afghani indica and Thai sativa, Juicy Fruit is a resilient strain that has a combination of sweet, tropical-like flavours and a clear and uplifting, yet relaxing high. With THC levels that averagely range around 17-20%, this is a great all-around strain that is ideal for use during both the day, and night time. Although the high of Juicy Fruit may not be as heavy-hitting as a typical indica or super psychoactive sativa, it is still revered for its’ mild, yet long-lasting buzz that can last as long as three hours. The high of this well-balanced hybrid is mainly cerebral, inspiring creativity and stimulating focus into users, along with blessing them with a moderately positive aura of energy to help them tackle anything standing in their way. Just like the name may suggest, Juicy Fruit has become well-known for its’ appealing taste and aroma which have been likened to everybody’s childhood favourite bubble gum. The flavours are likened to an array of sweet, tropical fruits with undertones of plums and a taste reminiscent of piña coladas.

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