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Pink Lemonade weed strain is one of the most secretive weed varieties that you can buy online in Canada.

It has a flavour that resembles lemonade with a fruity aroma and a significant Sativa content when it has buds with the bronze pistil and a generous trichome coating.

You can buy the Pink Lemonade hybrid online which has generous Sativa content. It hazes the mind and provides a calming warmth to the body, helping rid the body of accumulated stress.

You can easily buy Pink Lemonade hybrid AAA weed with 80% Indica content and 20% Sativa, possessing 21-27% THC, which is a cross between three strains, including Lemon Skunk, Purple Kush, and an unknown strain. It tastes like sugary fruits along with a lemon vibe and has a citrus aroma with berry overtones. The buds later have light orange hair with mint green nuggets and golden trichomes.

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