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This strain’s aroma typically carries earthy notes with sweet berries and lavender undertones. The flavor coats your mouth with a sweet and sour aftertaste, all thanks to high amounts of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Purple Haze is renowned for its uplifting cerebral high, with users reporting a sense of increased happiness and enhanced creativity. It’s the ideal strain for socializing with the effects making you feel both energetic and talkative.

With a relatively quick flowering time between 50 and 65 days and the potential to grow tall and slender with elongated branches and heavy foliage, Purple Haze thrives in a Mediterranean climate. Buds have a very dense and compact structure, with growers reporting yields of over 550 grams per plant outside.

Its high yield and quick flowering make this cultivar the perfect choice for any grower wanting some old-school purple genetics in a world of “exotics”.

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